Ladies first: Celebrating a step change for women in tech.

For many years, December 10th has passed largely uncelebrated. Yet its significance last year to the UK’s 32 million-strong female population was bigger than ever. That’s because it marked the 200th birthday of Ada Lovelace, often referred to as the world’s first computer programmer due to her work on the Analytical Engine.

Realising the potential of Smart Cities and Urban Communities By Steve Vallis, KnowledgeKube.

As consumers, we’ve been empowered by the arrival of the internet and digital technology. We’ve witnessed first-hand how technology has revolutionised our daily lives. For instance, we can now navigate ourselves around cities using the phone kept in our pocket and use the same mobile technology to pay for a chocolate bar.

Is IT an enabler or an obstacle in the insurance industry?

The role of IT in many organisations is often hotly debated - is it an enabler or an obstacle to getting things done? With so much information in the public psyche from so many consumer technologies, more and more employees will not only have an opinion, they will also have direct and personal experience of good and bad IT products.

Back to the future – the reinvention of an 80’s trend in a digital era

The rise of trends such as cloud, big data, mobile and social media are continuing to impact how we do business – as we look to integrate them into our day-to-day processes. But to continue this growth in more efficient and productive ways of working, organisations are reaching for emerging digital solutions.