Paper and Reports

The business case for transformation

There is no point making changes just for their own sake, but in challenging markets and uncertain economic conditions, where competitive threats can emerge from anywhere and established markets can disappear almost overnight, businesses need to be able to be flexible and prepared. For many,

Ten principles to support public sector digital transformation

Government wants to go digital but, while there is a desire for transformation, change has been slow since the launch of Digital by Default during the last Parliament. Based on research, this report identifies barriers to transformation and ten key principles to overcome them.

Insurance businesses waste 3,000 sales man hours a year. Is this you?

The insurance sector is often very conservative, perceived as slow moving, and operates with many long established business practices and processes. However, times move on, new business models emerge, and legacy processes become inefficient. This research report unearths the true cost of inflexible systems and processes to insurance companies.